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Christmas Light Hanging Elves

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The installation service provided is turnkey and includes installation labor, maintenance and removal. The lights, extension cords and timers are rented at no charge.

To give you a ballpark cost, your typical ranch style house averages about $250, and two-story home averages about $425 for the complete service. There is no payment required upfront, and you are not required to pay until you have seen the lights at night and are completely satisfied.

There are several factors that impact the cost of installing Christmas lights. Height of a house is a factor, but the biggest factor impacting cost is usually trees near the home the prevent easy installation. It is for these unforeseen reasons that we would like to take a look at your home and give you an estimate after viewing the environment. That way we can give you the best price possible, and there is no charge or obligation for quotes.

For the KC area: Email or call 816-916-8221 for and appointment to get an exact quote.

Owner Insight:

We started the Lights Express business when we were in college and today use this for extra income for our families. Each of us has a young growing family and we are blessed with this business giving us an opportunity for tuition costs and staying ahead of all those fees that hit families. What drives us to do this each year is of course the financial benefits it gives our families, but equally important is the enjoyment of getting to know the families we serve. We have amazing customers! We value integrity and what we enjoy the most is doing a great job and having a satisfied customer that invites us back the next year.